Canada Answering Service and Call Center Solutions


The expansive land of Canada may span 6 time zones, but at Professional Communications Messaging Service we are here to answer any time of the day or night.  That means your calls are our priority!  Our friendly and knowledgeable Service Reps are on the line waiting to answer for you.

From British Columbia to Ontario to New Brunswick and every place in between, we can provide a spectrum of answering and messaging services to meet your needs. We take the time to hear what your business needs are, and then we work with you to tailor a customized solution to help you connect and communicate with customers, prospects and business associates in the most professional and cost-effective way possible.

Telephone answering and messaging services are just the start. We also specialize in virtual assistant and virtual switchboard services, lead capture, order entry, appointment scheduling, dispatching, even first-level help-desk support and more. 

Our customized programs not only meet your needs – they fit your budget.  Our unique "Best Rate Guarantee" assures that you always get the best possible rate for our services. The concept is simple -- we monitor your usage each and every month and place you at the most cost effective pricing package based on your usage for that time period.  So each month, you get billed at the base rate that represents the best value for you.

This service is provided at no additional cost every month, for each and every one of our clients.

Call Professional Communication Messaging Services today to discuss how we can help grow your business one satisfied customer at a time. 

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